As much as we would like to fill in same or next-day orders, our small team can only handle so much. The extra day allows us to take our time with production and to schedule deliveries a little bit earlier in the day.

As of now, we can only promise that the bread will be delivered within the day. Eventually, we’ll have tracking systems in place that will give us an estimated delivery time for each order, but for now you can check on your delivery through 09171242629.

For pick up orders, we generally have no minimum orders (yes, order 1 Sourdough Pan de sal if you’d like), while we have a 400php minimum for delivery.

It changes per area and is calculated automatically upon checkout.

No… but we’ll work on it eventually..

It depends on the keeping environment. Generally, it’ll last 3-4 days at room temp, 1 week in the chiller, and 3 weeks in the freezer. Keeping the bread in a hot, humid environment will drastically shorten the shelf life of our bread since there are no added preservatives.

Of course! 28 Derby proudly supplies bread to numerous restaurants and cafes around Metro Manila. Drop us a line at 09178926447. Custom orders also available within reason.

Please use the Sarangaya Gate along Katipunan Extension.

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